Chapter 3

78 comics.

162: Luke says according to that logic that makes me younger than him, so I’m going to redact my statement

163: I always thought the crucifix was an unusual choice for a religious symbol

164: After all, the cross was used as a instrument of torture and murder.

165: Luke’s need to please others is pretty sad, but also sort of funny.

166: I still sometimes lose track of what household tasks have been assigned to certain gender roles…

167: Got a new death threat from that Russian guy today. His vocabulary is getting a lot more colorful.

168: I’m starting to wonder if Mary is a little too concerned with finding Luke a boyfriend

169: No, I’ve decided. Mary’s too concerned.

170: Black Friday comes earlier and earlier every year. They may as well just replace Thanksgiving with “Capitalism Day”

171: I get laundry hampers and trash bins mixed up sometimes

172: I still stand by my “human hosts are much like house pets” analogy

173: Luke says he still stands by being offended by that analogy