Pages like this are just so easy to draw lol

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  1. Human

    its nice to be able to read this again thank you

  2. Paul

    Casino gambling is such a weird thing when looked at logically. Particularly, but not solely, blackjack. Imagine explaining it to aliens.

    “So, there’s this game where people predict what random bits of paper will look like on the other side. And if they pay attention, they can support their livelihood by this, but also if they pay attention they will generally be stopped from doing it anymore. If they don’t pay attention they can keep doing it as long as they want, until their lives are pretty much ruined, but they will consistently lose more value counters than they win.”

    “And they’re forced to do this? Is it some sort of punishment?”

    “Oh, no. People do it for fun.”

  3. Peya Luna
    Peya Luna

    ….especially if hughs bosses learn that he knows luke, because then they´ll assume he´s in on it

    • Micah

      exactly that’s why

    • Bob

      “Out of curiosity what is his supervisor’s name?”
      “Hugo Boss”

      • bcb

        Rain Beau Rocket Leader Huge Boss Giovanni.

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