I spent a weirdly long time on Orev's face in the last panel trying to get that expression to match the stick-figure scribbles in our storyboards of this scene

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  1. friendlymosquito

    I don’t often draw, but I can viscerally relate to how difficult it can be to recreate the perfect stick-figure expression

  2. bh

    Paul McCartney looked 14 until he was around 50.

  3. Alive?

    In a way, Mary is probably a fitting host for Tsir’ah since she doesn’t just blindly submit to everything Orev says but at least wants to understand the situation if possible.

    And to his credit Orev does try to convince others to do the right thing rather than just trying to force his own will on them.

    Still, what is Tsir’ah’s deal, really…?

  4. Bin

    Interestingly enough I wonder what Orev’s host’s children have done across time.

    If Orev’s reaction here to Mary almost getting demon-hijacked and murdering people is too harsh….. dang…. Mary really did live a sheltered life.

    • Micah

      she did lol

  5. Peya Luna
    Peya Luna

    i wonder whats the cause of orevs affronted look – the bossy or the grandpa part? XD

  6. Alive?

    Orev feels just a tiny little bit disrespected, but on the other hand he can sort of see her point…! >8-)

    • Micah

      yep, basically xD

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