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  1. Bob

    Oh Mary, you sweet child, as if things have to be good for people to like them. I saw Star Wars Episode 8.
    Oh Tsir’ah, you sweet demon, its as if you have never been to the comment sections.
    But as if quality or joy are not irrelevant to the true marks of success: stacks of cash and an endless internet fountain of memes, smut, and click-bait.

    A true primal free-thinker would agree with Tsir’ah. Be not restrained by your ties to your fellow man, morality, or decency. Run naked and have contempt for your audience and revel in your hedonism. Just like the writers of Episode 8.

    The friction between self satisfaction and pleasing an audience is always an interesting one. In large commercial projects one side is more heavily weighed but the creators still need to have fun to keep their creativity and work ethic up. For less commercial / quick projects artists can be super creativity, weird, and personal.
    But if a project is a (non-fanfic) sequel to an established property then oh boy it best have the audience in mind. Unlike Episode 8 ok enough of that.

    But it is beneficial (for bigger projects) for creators to get advice for their projects. Some auteurs cannot be constrained (Terry Gilliam: Brazil) while other creators are only really able to achieve their true vision with some oversight. DBZ’s Akira Toriyama’s Season 2 bad guys were a fat mime and an old guy. And then 3 street punks. His editor told him to try again and Toriyama created Cell who the audience and the creator loved. And not enough can be said about George Lucas and Star Wars.

  2. Alive?

    It feels like it’s good for both Mary and Tsir’ah to have an actual conversation about things, each taking the other seriously (as far as it goes) and being able to express themselves!

    Tsir’ah has probably missed that even more than Mary did!

  3. friendlymosquito

    But what if _I_ don’t like it????

    I have been having Mary’s struggles, and my problem is I’m not a good enough writer yet to meet my overly high standards >.>

    • Alive?

      Even then you can always learn what it actually is that doesn’t work on the page as well as it had in your mind – at a minimum that can be interesting already and you may even get better at it!

    • HKMaly

      Take an example from Tolkien. He was never satisfied with most of what he wrote and keep rewriting it … but he was WRITING.

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