I'm so bad at finishing things. Not just the trouble with sticking to a project long enough without getting distracted by novel new ideas... But somehow the finality of a finished project is intimidating. Perhaps it's a fear of "not being good enough," or a fear of change. But I even have trouble with finishing tv shows that I like. I wonder why...

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  1. bcb

    Great end to the chapter. Time for me to go do a reread. I look forward to the spin-off!

  2. PokyMonster

    Woo! Can’t believe we’ve been at this for /fourish threeish years/! It doesn’t even feel like it’s been that long… 444 pages, and all the closer to Shual >:3

    You better bet your booty I’m gonna support you in any way I can!

    I’m also willing and able to assist in other ways, like I have before ^w^

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