Chapter 3

78 comics.

174: You wouldn’t understand, Luke, you don’t own any pets

175: Or any human hosts, for that matter, but that’s besides the point.

176: There was an embarrassingly long period of time where I thought different breeds of dogs were entirely separate species

177: You have to admit that sort of thing is pretty hard to figure out on your own

178: No really, humans get people who tell them what different animals are- when I was born, I just had to figure it out by myself

179: Mary does seem oddly concerned with Luke’s relationship status.

180: Luke says I should tell him the reason why I hate demons so much.

181: Does there need to be a reason, Luke?

182: Demons are scum. Sometimes racism is just racism.

183: I am NOT addicted to Twitter!

184: Okay… I might be a little bit addicted to Twitter

185: Could be worse, I could actually have Twitter followers