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(I lied about talking about Cursed today cuz I forgot about this, wait till Friday)


If you guessed those two characters in the second to last panel are significant to other comics of mine, you guessed right! …Well, kind of. Some of those comics haven’t come out yet.

On the left we have Quynh “Quin” Photius, aka Luke’s weird ex. He has a small cameo in The Psions but is otherwise unpublished, though he plays a significant role in someone’s backstory in Cursed and will probably have a main role in the webcomic I make after roomie (provided I don’t change my mind in the next four years). However, I do hope to squeeze him into another scene or two in roomie because his dynamic with Luke is pretty amusing. And despite the giant sunglasses, no, he’s not blind. Well, not entirely. You’ll find out. Eventually. Probably.

On the right is Rostislav “Rosty” Konstantinov. He’s actually the reason I threw in this reference (which was inspired by a scene in an rp), and I only decided at the last second who Luke’s ex was (originally it was a friend’s character from said roleplay, but our friendship kinda went south so I had to come up with something else). These two are definitely a terrible couple and Quin is definitely just in it for the money. Anyway, like Quin, Rosty is significant to a character’s backstory in Cursed, but right now that’s really all he’s planned for. But he may show up in other stuff, he’s really funny.