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This would’ve been posted earlier, but we stood in line for baggage check for over an hour for absolutely no reason because Spirit Airlines is garbage! Ugh.

I’m still frustrated, so I’m just gonna copy and paste the thing I wrote up a while ago to post with this page. Less angry me from the past, take over!

So I said like a week ago that I’d talk about Cursed scriptwriting, and now I will! So it’s been going really well, better than expected, honestly. When I decided to write the comic, I knew I wasn’t going to put any serious work into it until after college, so throughout the last four years I mostly just worked on it when the inspiration struck. I ended up drafting scripts for the first three issues during that time.

Now that I’m coming back to Cursed to put in more serious effort, I was expecting to have to rewrite what I already had. Luckily, while reading through it, I realized the old scripts weren’t as terrible as I thought X’D which is saving me a lot of time already.

One little hiccup though is that I initially planned each issue to be exactly 64 pages long. But already Issue 1 is looking too long and Issue 2 is looking too short. So I threw that out the window and said “ehhhh ~70 pages is probably fine.” I suppose that’s the nice thing about not working with any editors or publishers, I can make up my own rules!

I’m so hyped to start actually drawing the thing, but I want to at least outline the rest of the series before I start any drawing, and I’m only about halfway done with that orz.

Oh, also, I’m looking for proofreaders, so if you’re interested in that, drop me an email at