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*cries* I’m so sorry for the lateness! Thank you for your understanding! ><

Anyway… So Monday I said I’d talk about how Cursed is going, but I lied cuz then I had to talk about crossovers. NOW I’ll talk about Cursed.

So I was mostly just going to talk about how the scripts are going, but I realized you guys have absolutely no idea what the story is even about, so I think I’ll give you some run down on that. To clarify, this sucker is NOT a webcomic, and is not going to replace roomie. (That new webcomic idea I was talking about is what I’ve kind of just been calling my “new horror comic” cuz I haven’t settled on a title just yet (though I might be close now that I have that new idea))

ANYWAY so Cursed is a black and white graphic novel series that will be released over time as ten ~70 page issues. Right now I’m aiming to release Issue 1 in May 2019, and a new one every January, May, and September after that.

It’s a medieval fantasy adventure comic about Leo and Winn, a pair of brothers who are thick as thieves (literally), who got more than they bargained for when they encountered a mysterious white-haired wizard who put a curse on them simply for being in the wrong place at the wrong time (well, that’s what they’re telling people, anyway). Now they must find a way to break this curse before it tears them apart and turns them both into something that might just be less than human.

They weren’t making a lot of progress on their quest until they ran into Sophie, a lonely kleptomaniac with a knack for shoplifting, throwing knives, and delivering sass. Now the trio is an unstoppable team- but they’re never quite sure if Sophie’s going to run off in the middle of the night after robbing them blind.

(If that seemed oddly well-written that’s because it’s a draft for the Kickstarter that’s going to fund issue 1)

Cursed is one of my oldest ideas, I worked on it on and off through all four years of college. Sophomore year I even wrote a 27-page prequel for it, but recently I rewrote part of the plot and rendered that comic non-canon, so now I’m trying to quietly remove all traces of it from the internet X’D Unlike The Psions, there’s basically no crossovers between the two besides that last page you just saw. Oh, and Zane’s in it. But he’s in everything I write. (And it won’t be till Issue 5)

Hopefully that explained things a little more! I also talk about it on my Twitter sometimes (@enchantedpencil). Monday I think I’ll talk about how the writing process has been going.