A visual map is coming soon… In the meantime, Traum is just based on Olmsted county, MN, look up a map of that.

Traum county

A fictional county in southeastern Minnesota.


A medium-sized town in the southern side of Traum. Home of a University of Minnesota campus with degrees in Creative Writing, Theater, and Cybersecurity. Mary and Hugh live here.


A large city in the center of Traum, half an hour north of Cielo. Luke lives here. Cielo residents frequently visit for more interesting shops or restaurants. Most of the economy revolves around a large and successful medical technology company that is based in this city.

Is the setting of my senior project, The Psions, though that comic is set in a different universe.

Silver Lake


Aisling county

A fictional county to the northwest of Traum.


A small town in southeastern Aisling, half an hour north of Helvete. Most of Mary and Luke’s family lives here.

Is the setting of my old webcomic, Operation: Reboot, though that comic is set in a different universe. Though seeing how Zane also exists in The Roommate From Hell, we can safely assume this is his hometown.


Inside Mary’s head

Self explanatory.

Eastern Minnesota

North of the Twin Cities and in the middle of nowhere.