109: I know this stuff!

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Huh, can’t think of much to say here. I’m also writing this like two weeks before it will actually be seen, so I’ll probably think of something more clever then.

Like, I haven’t actually started college yet, but when this goes up, I’ll have been in college for a week.

So, future self, how is college?

Future self: Pretty good. I’ve made a bunch of new friends, including my roommate who is really awesome.

Past self: Really now? So, I’ve been worried about not having enough time while I’m in college to work on my webcomic. I’ve got about a one month buffer, do you think I’ll be able to keep it up without going on hiatus?

Future self: Probably. Its hard to tell because classes just started, but from the looks of things most of my homework is just drawing assignments I can get done in class. (Of course I’ve already killed some of your buffer. Sorry about that). Anyway, if I use my time wisely I can probably continue to build up that buffer before any big projects get assigned.

Past self: That’s a relief! I know I could procrastinate over the summer!! Anything else you wanna say?

Future self: Um, yeah, I still wish you got more done this summer. Ah well. Can’t think of anything else to say here…

Wait a minute, aren’t I technically “present self”, now, not future self?

And tomorrow, I too will be past self?

Time is weird.