P-C: More of Zane’s escapades

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Did you know Zane has a cameo in my senior capstone comic, The Psions?

These are all his recognizable appearances, though there’s a couple┬ámore shots, but he’s mostly covered by speech balloons or other characters. (well, there still might be a chance to squeeze him into the bank scene, since I haven’t finished that yet)

The Kickstarter to pay for printing The Psions will be running until April 9 if you want to check it out!


Oh and Zane’s been in Roomie for a few months now if I didn’t mention that. His cameo has concluded for the moment, but I think we’ll see him again in Chapter 4.



EDIT: KAY the shots from roomie that I tried to add to the bottom of this post ended up in the comic area of this instead… I totally don’t remember how to use the comic plugin I used for this site lol.


P-C: Random update about Zane

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I can’t believe this idiot is still around and kicking. Might be because I recycled him for something you’ll find out later.

So then because long story short I used him in a roleplay with a friend for not other purpose than to help her hash out the plot for the game she’s making.

But then he got along REALLY WELL with one of her OCs and a ship was born .-. And they’re such. Nerds. My. Gosh.