P-C: More of Zane’s escapades

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Did you know Zane has a cameo in my senior capstone comic, The Psions?

These are all his recognizable appearances, though there’s a couple more shots, but he’s mostly covered by speech balloons or other characters. (well, there still might be a chance to squeeze him into the bank scene, since I haven’t finished that yet)

The Kickstarter to pay for printing The Psions will be running until April 9 if you want to check it out!


Oh and Zane’s been in Roomie for a few months now if I didn’t mention that. His cameo has concluded for the moment, but I think we’ll see him again in Chapter 4.



EDIT: KAY the shots from roomie that I tried to add to the bottom of this post ended up in the comic area of this instead… I totally don’t remember how to use the comic plugin I used for this site lol.