Other projects:

Ask Teenage Navi: Micah does the art while their best friend Jemi writes stuff.

Cursed Comic: Google Doc of a new comic idea I’m working on. You should check it out, its kinda of cool (but weird).

Time Tuner: My senior project, links coming soon.

The Hollidays (a working title): A collab with Anna Lundin, links coming soon.

Recommended Comics:

El Goonish Shive, Slightly Damned, Spinnerette, The Wotch, Stand Still, Stay Silent

Reading List:

Mailbox Rocketship, Barn-Megaparsec, The Intrepid Girlbot, Goblins, Vatican Assassins, Ramen Empire, Awkward Zombie

Link Trades:

None yet, contact me if you want to trade links!