I can draw all sorts of things, including:

General Art

Pixel Art

Minecraft Skins

Something else you have in mind? Just ask!

Info and purchasing:

Send an email to Please include as much detail as possible. I’ll reply with more info.

Terms of Service


Depending on the commission, I usually ask for money when I send you the initial sketch of your commission. Larger projects may have partial amounts paid upfront, and smaller projects may skip the halfway point and pay at the end.


The following terms can be revised with permission only.

You may:

  • Send the image(s) to others and post on community-driven websites WITH artist credit included, be that a name or a link.
  • Edit it it in simple ways like changing its size or cropping parts of the image, as long as an artist signature/watermark, if there is one, remains visible.
  • Use the image on a commercial website where the art is not the primary focus (i.e. banners for a steam channel)

You may not:

  • Say that you drew the image(s).
  • Sell it in any way for any type of money, real or virtual.
  • Redraw or heavily edit parts of the image, especially removing a signature or other artist credit.
  • Use the image on a commercial website where the art IS a primary focus (i.e. an adoptables site)

Extra costs: Be aware that if your commission is particularly complicated or not very straightforward, prices may change.

Edits: Every commission gets two free revisions per image, one halfway through and one at the end. Everything after that costs extra. A revision counts as a minor edit that takes no longer than half an hour to make, like changing the color of a few things, changing an expression, etc. Something like adjusting the lightsource, redrawing multiple background elements, changing an entire limb within a pose, etc, does NOT count and will cost extra no matter what.

Cancellation: I can cancel a commission at any time for any reason. In the case of a cancellation, if the money has already been sent, I will return it to you in full, as well as all the work that has been done so far. If YOU make the cancellation, I will round to the nearest quarter percent of how far through the commission I got and refund a partial amount accordingly. For example, if I was around 25% through with the work, you will receive 75% back. If over 50%, all work that has been done will also be sent.