Minecraft Skins

Is there a skin you really want but just can’t find? Have you always wanted a personalized skin of your OC or fursona? Look no further! For the low low price of only $10 you can have your own custom minecraft skin!

Do you want a personalized texture pack, an HD skin, or just an edit of an existing skin? I can do that too!

If you’re interested, send an email to mayanightstar@yahoo.com to get started.

Here are some examples of my previous work:

anjir taint labcoatanjir friend3 tachyonChris Houtwedmoonberry2 Sonika

The fine print:

Starting at the point when I reply to your first email, expect about a week before getting a completed skin.

The payment listed above covers two revisions: One at the halfway point and one at the final point. Each revision after that costs an extra $5

Skins will not be redistributed or posted anywhere else. It’s your skin to do with what you like. Preview images may appear on this page, let me know if you do not want that and I will take it down.