Shae original Shae pg85 Shae 95

Name: Shae Meyers
Age: 16
Description: “More responsible or at least feels the need to be more responsible than her brother, making her a bit more meddlesome. Yet, she too can have her own bursts of zeal. Shae has the air of acting like she wishes to distance herself from her brother, but the two are actually quite close.”

Savannah original Savannah chpt4 Savannah 78

Name: Savannah Smith
Age: 5 (looks 18)
Description: “A character who has yet to have all her secrets revealed and has no intention of revealing too much. Suspicious by nature, but her alluded background seems to justify that. At this juncture, treats the other characters with an air of indifference, if not just a little irritation.

Zane original Zane 77 Zane 90

Name: Zane Meyers
Age: 16
Description: “High energy and eager. Possessing an inquisitive nature that pulls him into numerous escapades, most likely fueled by his love of video games. However, his overall good nature always keeps the mood light.”

J original J 30 again J 30
Name: J Foster
Age: 15
Description: “Possessing a calm, level headed exterior and a warm welcoming personality. However, if this is false, he has yet to say otherwise. One of the more perceptive characters of the group.”

Marian talkto Marian original marian 49
Name: Marian Smith
Age: 11 (looks 16-ish)
Description: “Blessed with a love for her job which she handles with gusto. Fond of new knowledge which she prefers to acquire by her own… er… hands? She treats analysis more like a hobby and has a generally more perky personality compared to that of Savannah.”

(Will split up major and minor characters, and add a few more, later)

Special thanks to Micky for her perfectly worded descriptions (there’s a reason I write comics and not books).