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156: I suppose that makes Thanksgiving a pretty normal holiday

157: I wonder what it’s like to be a biological offspring

158: The other day I heard someone describe Luke as a “cheap Dr. Who knockoff”

159: He does look a little like Dr. Who, though…

160: It’s not love at first sight, you just have complementary immune systems

161: Age should be irrelevant to humans because the materials making up their bodies is as old as the universe

162: Luke says according to that logic that makes me younger than him, so I’m going to redact my statement

163: I always thought the crucifix was an unusual choice for a religious symbol

164: After all, the cross was used as a instrument of torture and murder.

165: Luke’s need to please others is pretty sad, but also sort of funny.

166: I still sometimes lose track of what household tasks have been assigned to certain gender roles…

167: Got a new death threat from that Russian guy today. His vocabulary is getting a lot more colorful.
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