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That’s it! That’s the end of Chapter 4 which officially concludes Part 1 of The Roommate From Hell.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my comic, everyone! It feels like the summer of 2016, when I first dreamed up this comic, only happened yesterday. But here we are, 444 pages later (what a number to end on… Remind anyone of 666?). I’ve grown so much as an artist and my career has evolved in many ways, it’s so exciting to look back on.

I bet you are all wondering what’s coming next. Lots of exciting things, that’s for sure.

First of all, this story is not over. I have four more chapters planned for a part 2, which should be a comparable length to Part 1 and will likely take a similar amount of time to release (4-ish years). The series will end with Chapter 8, which will be sad, but don’t worry because I’ve already got my next webcomic cooking on the backburner, and it’ll be a treat. (insert Patreon plug here)

Before we get to Part 2, though, I’m going to be publishing a spin-off comic called Mary’s Day Off. It’s going to be drawn in a slightly less detailed style and update twice as often, and shouldn’t take more than a year to get through. It’s going to be published exclusively on Tapas, because that’s the format that fits this comic the best and I wanted to chill out and just focus on one platform for a while… After this spin-off finishes, though, tRfH will be back on your favorite website of choice. (yes this was why i posted that poll earlier about whether you guys read things on Tapas)

I’m also going to launch a Kickstarter campaign to publish a print version of Part 1, which will include at least one never-before-seen bonus scene (which I’ve been halfway through drawing for, like, a year. So the art-shift on that will be exciting, lol). I know some of you would have trouble getting ahold of a physical copy from here in the States, so I also plan to release bonus scene(s) as ebook versions. More details on all of that soon!

I was hoping to have the script completed already for Mary’s Day Off, but I still have a little bit left. Therefore, I’m going to take a bit of a hiatus to relax and get this new project ready (there’s, like, math involved, so wish me luck. I have dyslexia for numbers (dyscalculia)). Canonically it takes place between chapters 2 and 3, right around Halloween, so I thought it would be fun for the first page to be posted on October 31st! I’ll post a few teasers before then so you can find the Tapas link and get subscribed. I’m also planning to get as much buffer drawn ahead of time as I can, so if you want to read these pages as soon as I’ve drawn them, well, you know where to go. (insert Patreon plug here)