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I should clarify that Chapter 4 isn’t THAT MUCH darker than previous chapters. Just enough that I wanted to make sure I wouldn’t catch anyone by surprise. If you aren’t usually one to need trigger warnings, you’ll be just fine.
Anyway onto specifics…

THIS LIST IS CURRENTLY INCOMPLETE. Check back once in a while as the chapter progresses.
The following pages contain…
Blood: 301-304, 311, 379-???
Kidnapping: 266-304
Gun use: 277, 300
Torture: 315-341
Hospital scene: 355-??
Needles: 267, 375-377,
Drug use: TBA

Gosh that’s kinda depressing. You know, Chapter 4 also contains…
Smiles: 229, 230, 233, 234, 235, 237, 238, 375-378
Hugs: 363,
Dogs: TBA