Chapter 4

216 comics.

228: The Voice of the Devil

229: All Bibles or sacred codes have been the causes of the following Errors:

230: That Man has two real existing principles Viz: a Body & a Soul.

231: That Energy, call’d Evil, is alone from the Body,

232: And that Reason, call’d Good, is alone from the Soul.

233: That God will torment Man in Eternity for following his Energies.

234: But the following Contraries to these are True.

235: Man has no Body distinct from his Soul;

236: For that call’d Body is a portion of Soul discern’d by the five Senses,

237: The chief inlets of Soul in this age.

238: Energy is the only life and is from the Body

239: And Reason is the bound or outward circumference of Energy.