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In early summer of 2016, I had an interesting dream.

In this dream, I met a guy. My dreams sometimes feature people I know in real life, but this guy was purely fictional. He looked a bit like Robert, actually, but as we all know, that guy’s design is kind of boring.

I’m not entirely sure what my relationship was to this guy in the dream, but we were friends at the minimum. Maybe roommates.

Early on in the dream, I learned this guy was possessed by a demon. Later, I got to meet this demon. The demon had large black wings and was always surrounded by some sort of mysterious black smoke. While the demon was in control, his face was obscured by a plain white mask covered in strange black shapes and patterns. 

Later on in the dream, the man’s demon needed to return to Hell for some sort of demon business. It was very abrupt, and the demon didn’t know how long he would be gone.

The host, my roommate, was very distressed by this. He told me how he and his demon were very close. They needed each other and relied on each other for many things. With the demon gone, he wasn’t whole anymore.

I woke up before the demon could return, never knowing what happened to this fictional roommate of mine, but what he told me stayed with me for a long time…