We are back to our regular MWF schedule, at least until I fall behind on something again…

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My buffer is dead again, gonna stream a few times this week to try to get it back. I know, it’s been a while!

Help I got another new comic idea this week I have too many now. On the bright side, I’m trying to find something I can write in less than 30 pages and publish as a minicomic. I sold out of Cursed Issue #0 at the book signing Saturday, which is great. And the comic book store owner wants me to do more events at his shop, which is also great. But having some cheap minicomics for future events like that would be helpful, but I don’t have any nowwwwww (well I still have copies of Ch1 of tRfH but its big and weirdly spiral bound and nobody likes it).

Well actually, I’m halfway through a bonus scene for tRfH that’s going to go in the printed book for sure. Maybe I can also print it as a mini? (I’m also going to put it up as a cheap ebook for my international readers (I just gotta finish it)). It’d be fun to have a few comic of totally new things, though. And maybe use it to practice full color before I have to tackle all 243 pages of SLT (and on that note, Avenue A FINALLY PAID ME, but they still haven’t put me on the website)