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So since around junior year of college I suddenly switched from being the sort of person who turns into a zombie after 9pm to the kind of person who can stay up until 5am without realizing it. I think I might now have this thing called Delayed Sleep Phase Disorder, where my body clock is on 25 or 26 hours instead of 24. Which can be a huge issue for some people, but since I’m self employed and have no friends, I can just sleep whenever I want. I only recently realized that I may have a disorder instead of just being a lazy bum, and it’s actually been a big life changer. Not so much because I’m getting more sleep or anything like that (I usually get enough sleep), but because I can now forgive myself for sleeping in until noon. See, I’ve been reading tons of articles about “how to be productive working from home” and such and such, and they’d always say things like “wake up early! Make a schedule the night before!” But when I could never pull that off, I’d beat myself up for it and be sad the whole day. Making such a little change as turning off my alarms and forgiving myself has made such a huge difference on my mood and productivity.

I’m waiting for a good 2 week block of time to pay close attention to my body and sleep when it’s tired to gather data and consult a doctor just cuz having a diagnosis could be useful some day. Unfortunately the 24 hour stream next week is gonna throw things off, so maybe next month.