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Jeeeez guys. I’m really sorry about that delay, and thanks so much for your patience. So what went wrong?

It’s hard to admit, but it wasn’t for a lack of free time. I’m just going through a bit of a mental block. I can’t feel too bad about it, though, every artist struggles with this sort of thing once in a while. Here’s my two issues.

1. This chapter has a lot more pressure to look good. With higher stakes, drama, and more series subject matter, I want to show my best work. Sometimes I can handle that sort of pressure. Sometimes I end up just getting paralyzed. That seems to be happening here.

2. Cursed (my in-production graphic novel series) has been way more fun, interesting, (time consuming), and relaxing to work on. Surprisingly, I’m on the backgrounds stage, which usually is the most difficult and painful, but as long as I take my time with it, it hasn’t been going badly. Which DOES mean I’m behind schedule, but that’s the other thing, the schedule is a lot more flexible. Nobody is really holding me to it except myself- and since its the first book, there aren’t any fans yet clamoring to continue the story. Once book 1 is out, that might change, but right now it’s really easy and relaxing, so when I DO have motivation to work on a comic, I’ve been working on that instead.

So how do I fix this?

Usually in two ways: relieving the pressure somehow, or just doing it anyway. Except the problem with doing it anyway is it often ends up being late, unfinished, or poor quality. Which I don’t think anybody wants… So I’d like to take a semi or short hiatus. I’m thinking either 2 weeks completely off, or 6 weeks with Wednesdays off (6 pages of a break either way). That choice is left up to you, there’s a poll in the right sidebar that you can use to vote. I’m gonna TRY to use this extra time to get a buffer back, but even if I don’t, it’ll ensure I don’t blow through any deadlines like I did today. Which means a more predictable comic for you, and less pressure for me.

As for when this hiatus will happen, I’m going to play that by ear. I’m going to keep next week normal, and if I struggle through it, start the hiatus after that. If it goes okay, maybe March. If I can manage to get a small buffer back on my own, then April, since I’m planning to release my senior project online, which will give you guys something to read during the break. (That last option is unlikely, though, since the whole point of this break is that I need help getting my buffer back. But if things go REALLY poorly, I might repeat this hiatus in April, so at least that time you’ll have other content to enjoy? We’ll see…).

So, thanks again for being patient with me. I know it’s never fun for content you enjoy to get cut back, but you don’t need to worry about this comic permantently going anywhere. I’m not going to take any surprise hiatuses or disappear completely, and hopefully it’ll be a long time before I miss a deadline like this again.

I’m going to implement some sort of hiatus soon and you can vote for what you want on the right sidebar.