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So my original draft of this page had the guys vaguely break through the chain lock using a more traditional method, since I knew a method existed, but I didn’t really know how it worked, so I didn’t write in the details. Right before drawing this page, I decided I should do the research, and then I realized any existing method tended to take some time to pull off. Enough time for Hugh to come up with a better fight back/escape plan, that’s for sure. So I decided a faster method would have to be used. Violence is always the answer!

Except when Mary showed up many pages ago, I never drew the door in a broken state.

Oh shoot.


Maybe after these guys run off with Hugh, they half-heartedly stick that little screw back into the hole to avoid suspicion.

Yep, that’s what’s gonna have to happen.

…Remind me not to make last-minute edits when flashbacks are involved o_o