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Ahhhahaha yes… These guys…

The funny thing about these two (and two others who will show up later) is that, despite this being their first appearance in any comic of mine, this isn’t the comic they were initially designed for. They were actually made for a role in Cursed, but when I was drafting up Chapter 4, I realized they’d fit this role pretty well too, and threw them in. Their appearance in Cursed isn’t until Issue 3, which will still be a couple years before it’s printed, so if you get a chance to read that book when it comes out, see if you recognize them. (Though now I’m considering gender bending them for that comic so it has better female representation (right now it’s not that great) so it’ll be even more of an easter egg to spot for you guys I guess)

But first, time to look at the list of characters and guess which name goes with which guy.