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That’s the end of Chapter 3! I’ve been getting just a little burnt out lately, so I’d like to take a small break before starting Chapter 4. Don’t panic, this will be a really short hiatus this time! Page 228 will be posted in one week, on Friday November 2nd. It’s a content warning, though, not a real page, so Chapter 4 will OFFICIALLY start Monday, November 5th.

I don’t have any good guest art to fill the space, but I’m thinking about maybe posting some teasers related to Cursed, my upcoming graphic novel series. That, or teasers for the spinoff comic SleuTH… However, while being more directly related to roomie, I have WAY less material ready for that. So I’d kinda prefer Cursed. That cool?

Either way, thank you for your patience and see you again in Chapter 4!