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187: But no, I just do it for fun.

188: Twitter is basically just modern-day journaling with a character limit.

189: I forgot what I was talking about.

190: Luke would be more assertive if he did the things I told him to.

191: Am I really that unpleasant of a person?

192: Luke says I’m not, but I’ve been hearing this from other people…

395: In the second chamber was a Viper folding round the rock & the cave,

396: and others adorning it with gold, silver and precious stones.

397: In the third chamber was an Eagle with wings and feathers of air; he caused the inside of the cave to be infinite;

398: around were numbers of Eagle like men, who built palaces in the immense cliffs.

399: In the fourth chamber were Lions of flaming fire raging around & melting the metals into living fluids.

401: There they were reciev’d by Men who occupied the sixth chamber,