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Made some decisions on the book printing debate from last week! Here’s what I’ve decided.

1: Gonna go with 5.5”x8.5” for page size (which is what The Psions is, and what Cursed is gonna be, so I guess that’s my go-to at this point). The empty space is gonna have a little illustration or something to fill the area, still deciding on that…

2: The exclusive new scene is gonna be available as it’s own ebook thing some time in the future. Not right away, but within the year. I do want the book to feel special and reward people who go the extra mile and buy one, but I also don’t want to cut out fans who can’t buy the whole book just to read a 20 page bonus story XD

3: The plot of the bonus comic is gonna be a thing with Orev and Zev. I briefly explained that demons feed on negative energy, but how do our good guy demons get their meal? Also Chapter 1 is kinda super boring visually, so I want a thing with a ton of action to balance it out. And trust me, this has a lot of action. Also Zev is such a dork and we haven’t seen enough from her yet. It’ll also be the official comic debut of Phillis Ren (attentive readers will recognize that last name), even though I snuck her into a few spots in Chapter 3 (one of these pages is up already) and a couple spots in The Psions. Yayy side characters.