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Reposting in case you didn’t see this, or still need to share your opinion!

I’m thinking of printing Chapter 1 and 2 of roomie as a real book. (Technically a version of Chapter 1 exists in print but it’s really crappy and low quality) But I have some questions first!


Question 1: Roomie has a super weird page size (a square), so would you rather have a book that’s also a square, or a regular shaped book with a bunch of white space above and below it?

Question 2: Would you be interested in purchasing a copy, even though you’ve read the story already? Chapter 1 is likely going to come with a brand new bonus scene of 10-20 pages, so that’s SOME new material. As for Chapter 2, idk yet. Probably just some concept art or something.

Question 3: Speaking of a bonus scene, I still haven’t decided what it will be about. Some kind of prologue probably. Is there anything from back around Chapter 1 and 2 that you would’ve liked to know more about? (no matter what, it’s gonna involve Orev and demon stuff)

Thanks for your input :)