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Oh man you guys make me so happy ^_^ I had no idea anyone was still sticking around!

Well for one thing, I am in fact still alive. You’ll be happy to know that, despite the inactivity here, I’ve still been working on the comic. I finally have a concrete overall plot figured out! (or at least more than what I had before…) I’ve been working on pages on and off, and I didn’t get as much of a buffer built up as I wanted to, but its not bad. I’ve been doing a ton of art, though, so you can look forward to much prettier pages than before! Also I’ve been doing some character pinups and concepts to use in a new ad campaign when I start posting again, so when I finish coloring those I’ll post ’em here. Also, I got really bored over Christmas break and filled out a couple DeviantArt memes that are really funny. They contain spoilers for some characters that I haven’t brought in yet so I don’t know if you wanna see them or not.

In terms of the hiatus… It’s taking longer than I thought because like halfway through my application to CalArts I was like “what am I doing I don’t want to do animation my true calling has been comic art all along” and kind of switched my major, threw all those colleges out the window and started over my research. So, I still have like three new colleges to apply to and a couple more colleges to visit….

Well, at least my art improved?

So you probably wont get a page for another month or so T_T But hopefully I can start posting a ton of art before then to keep you happy! And if you still can’t get enough of me, me and my friend do this thing on tumblr you can always check out.