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So I’m working with a good friend of mine to make MikuMikuDance models of all of my characters. He just completed Marian today, and I just have no words, it’s so fantastic! Obviously, it’s impossible to get every detail perfect when transferring my scribbly drawings into a fully rigged character, but holy crap did he do a superspecialawesomeazing job, to put it lightly. I mean, just, it’s just, just, I can’t, just LOOK AT IT!!

I’m so excited to have a fully rigged model of an original character of mine! It makes practicing my animation skills in MMD a lot more fun when I have my very own character. It’s also pretty cool since MMD was designed for vocaloid, and Marian’s design is based on those designs. Maybe someday I’ll even make her into an Utaoloid, heh.

You can expect more random blog posts like this one in the future about what I make with these models! Or maybe I’ll make a tumblr. Should I make a tumblr for my comic??

If you had no idea what I just said and you want to know more, or you want this model for yourself, just email me!!