122: Shot down

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This page took longer than it should have. And then it took even longer because my brother’s grad party happened in the middle and then I got lazy and now I’m kind of behind on this comic already OTL.

In other news I keep getting more ideas for more comics and am really tempted to start a second webcomic but that would be a tERRIBLE IDEA. I could make it based on donations, though, which would encourage a less frequent update schedule. Unless you know I suddenly acquire a bunch of rich fans. But that would never happen.

120: …Dot dot dot…

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I roughly scheduled out the buffer I’m going to build up during the summer and ended up having to stay up until midnight to finish this on time. Maybe that’s not all that impressive to you guys, but I desperately need my sleep. Well, at least it’s done.

Also I literally spent like half a day drawing a background that I ended up not using for panel 3. Maybe some day I can use it somewhere else… In retrospect I have learned to plan out my backgrounds in the storyboard process with a little more detail.

At the time of writing this it’s June 1st and my online class has started. Wish me luck. It should be easy enough…

119: Would you like to be friends

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For some reason I procrastinated on this page longer than I should, but it actually looks pretty good so meh. For some reasons all the hands turned out really well. Except the ones that didn’t.

Also. This character. This freaking character has been on the bench for so long and now she can finally be introduced. And she’s not even the worst example.

In fact, I was working on another benched character last night, and I have to say I’m super grateful for my Life Drawing courses teaching me how muscles and skeletons work and stuff. You’ll find out why in like 200 pages or something.