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Other musings for today…

So the poll about plurality has been on the site a few weeks with little explanation and most people voting for “wtf?” After a nice experience over on the Discord server I wanted to talk a little more about it here.

​From r/Plural: “Plurality is a term that encompasses all phenomena where multiple consciousnesses coexist within a brain. This includes–but is not limited to–people who hear voices (which in itself is not a mental illness), authors who can speak to their characters, dissociative identity disorder/DID, and “healthy multiples”–plurals who can switch control of the body but lack the disruption that DID brings and function normally in society.”

I stumbled upon the concept like 5 years ago, and fell down a research rabbit hole learning everything I could about it. I wouldn’t say I’m not plural (see section about authors) but I certainly don’t have DID or any state of plurality that disrupts my life, or has a big impact on it, so I didn’t know much about it. Learning more about it, the subject was absolutely fascinating. What’s it like for multiple people to have to work together to share one body? That question should sound familiar because that’s what this comic is about.

After more recently falling down another research rabbit hole I added that poll out of curiosity. Eventually it got brought up on my Discord server and a user came out as actually being a DID system. They said their alters are really shy and have never chatted online before, but pretty soon after, one of them popped in and was happy to be so accepted. I’m super proud of my Discord community for it.

DID is a real disorder and alters are just as valid and real people as their hosts. If you’re a system, or identify as one but aren’t really sure, and want a safe space to just hang out and not be judged, you can join my server here.

(Will I ever write a comic with a DID system as a main character? Hopefully some day; I’d like to write about many types of mental illnesses as a way to de-stigmatize it, and we’ll actually see a demonstration of this in a few pages from now. But DID’s easy to get wrong so I don’t feel equipped just yet)