Mary and Hugh's Apartment

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258: The eagle never lost so much time, as when he submitted to learn of the crow.

259: Drive your cart and your plow over the bones of the dead.

260: Expect poison from the standing water.

261: If the lion was advised by the fox, he would be cunning.

262: The apple tree never asks the beech how he shall grow,

263: Nor the lion, the horse, how he shall take his prey.

264: The fox provides for himself, but God provides for the lion.

265: The tygers of wrath are wiser than the horses of instruction.

266: As the plow follows words, so God rewards prayers.

267: The thankful reciever bears a plentiful harvest.

268: Prayers plow not! Praises reap not!

269: The cut worm forgives the plow.