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Even after a break, my brain just went “noooooo” when trying to work on this page.

At this point, though, I’m pretty sure the problem is just the gaping hole in the plot I still haven’t written, so… Gonna try to do that this week and hope things work out.

8/29/22 EDIT:
I’m not dead, I’ve just been finding it oddly difficult to work on this project, so right now a lot of my energy is going into figuring out why I’m struggling to work on this project, LOL. I will be back, but it might a while still. Thanks so much for sticking around.

11/23/22 EDIT EDIT:

We should be back SOON! You can already read some finished pages on my Patreon. I’m thinking we’ll start with one page a week and then maybe I can work up to a little more frequently… Stay tuned.