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And we’re back! That was a longer break than I planned, but I think I really needed it. Working on this comic again no longer feels like a chore. (Still haven’t finished writing all of this chapter, though, which makes me a bit nervous, but I did manage to make more progress at least)

As for the update schedule, I came up with something I can maybe actually stick with- I’ll try to guarantee one update every Friday, but potentially extra pages every Monday and/or Wednesday, depending on my output. I hope having that level of flexibility will help. And, as usual, subscribe to my Patreon to see pages as soon as they’re finished (with typos and all).


I wanna elaborate a bit on why I think this project has been such a struggle, but tl;dr: my personal fiction projects this whole time had been a coping mechanism for other things I struggled with, and once I started getting on top of my mental health, a lot of the motivation to work on these things totally vanished. And then I needed some time to re-examine what my goals even were now, haha.

The longer story is I actually figured out I was a system all along (no surprise really, considering the subject matter of this comic). For like half the system, we were using comic book characters as an outlet for our individual personalities, and once we had the permission to stop masking that in real life, the intrinsic drive to make content with those characters just went away. Maybe in future posts I’ll elaborate on which characters correspond to which system members :) Anyway, if you’ve spent enough time on TikTok you’ve maybe heard of D.I.D- it’s under that same umbrella, but with less memory loss. It still has it’s downsides, though, maybe that’s something else I’ll elaborate on, later. It’s hard to talk about, though, as much as we often want to, since masking is such a habit, and “fake-claiming” is so widespread online. At least I get to ban whoever I want since this is my own personal website!