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My Patreon got a minor facelift! Specifically, I overhauled the Goals section. The following stuff will now be unlocked as I reach overall monthly amounts. So yeah, if you want any of that higher tier stuff, y’all will have to work together to unlock it!

$1 – Random bonus content. Sometimes I make a thing and then think “this would be good for Patreon.” Then I post it.

$25 (what I’m currently at) – Periodic Q&A comics and joke comics. They kind of just happen as I have inspiration and good questions or prompts. Expect one every week or two.

$100 – Monthly illustrations & wallpapers. Once a month, a new Patreon-only illustration from my comics will be posted. Use it as desktop background or something. Patron-only polls will be held to decide the subject matter of these.

$500 – Monthly Youtube videos. Once a month, I’ll post a Youtube video of, well, anything! YOU will help decide the content. Art tutorials? Me just talking about upcoming comics? Who knows!

$1,000 – Monthly raffle. Once a month, every current Patron will be entered into a raffle to win something from my online stores. Comic books, merch, tea, could be anything, and it will change every month. Super exciting.

Patreon tiers also have integration with Discord now, because I made a Discord server! Come join!!