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If any of you are here from the LINE Webtoons mirror…

The contest has locked me out of my drafts until Sept 21st, so you won’t get any new episodes until then >:( Yeah it’s dumb. Thank you for your patience!

Out of curiosity, does anyone pay attention to the Location tags for pages?

And on a similar note, would anyone be interested on a page on this site that goes into detail on towns and locations? I actually have an entire fictional county mapped out that I could elaborate on. It also encompasses the setting of The Psions (though that takes place in a different universe) and my old webcomic O:R (which is also a different universe).

Setting isn’t super important in this comic, but for my next webcomic it will be, so this is a bit of a world-building trial run for that. And it might be fun for people to see what things carry over from this comic into the next comic (again, next comic is a different universe, but it’s actually the same universe as O:R and a semi-continuation)

I might end up making that page anyway, but if people express interest, it’ll happen much quicker c: