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Hahaha “Cursed” haha coincidental title drop for my next big comic project. If you’re confused, don’t worry, I’ll be blabbing about it nonstop after I finish The Psions. I’m also about 500x more excited about it than The Psions so you will hear about it A LOT.

It’ll be harder to tease, though. So far I don’t have any cameos in Roomie planned besides a single panel in Chapter 3 of a character who’s significant to Cursed’s villain’s backstory (which isn’t revealed until Issue 8 so it’ll be easy to miss).

The Cursed trio has a cameo in The Psions though if/when you read that (see this Wednesday’s post). Heck Winn practically has supporting character status because I had a reoccurring group of 12 people I had to fill up. Zane’s in that group too. And a couple characters I designed for O:R before I trashed it so they never showed up. Fun facts!

In fact Zane may have a supporting role in an issue of Cursed now (Issue 4, he’d be a pirate) so wow he’s pretty popular for being from a dead comic. Maybe putting him somewhere in every comic I make will just be a thing now. *shrug*