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It’s not that the blurry text has spoilers or something, it’s just that I’m not a writer and my crappy wording would probably ruin everyone’s suspension of disbelief. Or maybe I’m just embarrassed at my inability to use English (yes it’s my native language).

Still scheduling this from day 2 or 3 of the trip (I don’t even know I lost track of time after the second 10-hour plane ride) there’s so much time traveling (I wrote the above blurb write after drawing the page, which I drew weeks ago).

So normally when I go on trips I just kind of blankly follow my family around because my mom doesn’t like to be told what to do, but finally after a series of disasters my parents got too overwhelmed to make smart decisions and I finally just went into angry homosexual mode and was dragging suitcases everywhere and telling people what to do because I just wanted to get to the hotel room and shower. Afterwards I was expecting my mom to be like “how dare u try to drive this ship” but she was like “wow you were such an adult” as if she didn’t know that I’ve always been like that but I usually don’t waste my energy on these trips -_-

I suppose it’s good to know that I can take charge in crises, if the zombie apocalypse ever strikes.


Omg these hotel rooms have a doorbell.