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So unrelated to those weird server errors we were all occasionally getting was the fact that for a while now I’ve been meaning to move this site to different hosting. Well this weekend I finally did that (with more than a little help from my dad) and the site is still trying to recover from the brain surgery. So for the next few days you may still see some weirdness, including but not limited to the URL saying the wrong things, but hopefully within the next 48 hours everything should sort itself out. If it DOESN’T, please leave me a comment saying so, so I can look into it.

Heck for a little while my text editor was bugged out so I couldn’t even write this properly. I had to FTP into my site like three times to fix three different issues UGH WHAT A PAIN

Fingers crossed that there aren’t any more problems, everyone.


Friday is the first day of December, which means today is the last page before hiatus!!! Wow! What a cliffhanger!!!