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Yeah so I had JUST FINISHED COLORING this page when my COMPUTER FROZE. I rebooted and opened the file again and it was CORRUPTED FOREVER.

I cried a bit in my soul and started redrawing the page but I was too depressed to finish it. (’twas like five hours of work, man!!!)

So I begged my good friend Anna to do the inks and colors for me.

THANK YOU ANNA! I think this was a really fun way to shake things up for the comic, and I’m glad you had fun doing it! (and I hope you like the comic layouts that I’m going to do for you to return the favor)

Anna’s Kickstarter for her senior project is going live around the same time as mine, so mark your calendars for that, too! If you like Atlantis, religion, and/or government conspiracies, you’ll dig her comic.

In the meantime, be sure to check out her website and Instagram.


This was kinda fun so I maaayyyyyyy do something like it again in the future? If you’re an artist and interesting in contributing, email me


Edit: Page has been updated with my own version since I was going to redo it anyway for the print version. So you can just use your imagination for what Anna’s looked like…