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So I hate to say it, but it’s likely the quality of Roomie is gonna take a bit of a dip for the next few months. See, there’s some steps in the production process that I can do during lectures in class. But right now, I’m also on those steps in my senior project, which is taking priority. Also, my senior project schedule is a bit behind, so I’m cramming to get caught back up. Thus, Roomie pages will be a tad rushed (more than usual  lol). Still, I’d rather take mediocre pages produced on time than good pages produced intermittently and possibly unpredictably. I just know from other webcomics that once you cut down an update schedule, it just keeps getting cut, and cut, and you lose readers, and it’s a mess.

But don’t worry. My senior comic will be hitting the pencils stage some time in October, and Roomie should get more time spent on it then.

(Still, taking a break every other Wednesday (or every single Wednesday) is starting to look pretty appealing right now… .-.)