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PAGE 100!!!! I feel like I should post some reflection on how Roomie’s gone so far…

Honestly, I still feel like this comic just started. Page 100 is a big accomplishment, but it’s not the first time I hit that milestone in a comic (see O:R). However, Roomie has a significantly higher production quality than O:R, so I think that makes it more impressive. But it’s also a faster upload schedule, so that’s probably why it felt so fast and slightly underwhelming. (O:R started in Jan 2013 and took to Aug 2014 to get to page 100. That’s almost exactly 3x as long) Still, despite happening so fast, Roomie still has visible improvement since page 1, and that’s really fun to see.

I think what I’m most happy with is the growth of my audience. I started out only getting a comment or two every week or so, and now I’m getting multiple comments on every page. Not to mention the silent readers who are much harder to estimate numbers of. But don’t let that discount how much I appreciate you too!

As small as you are, I still love you guys. You aren’t afraid to offer your thoughts and reactions to pages, or even constructive criticism as needed. I’m proud of Roomie, but it’s definitely a learning experience, and I welcome criticism and hope I’m doing a good job implementing it as it comes (even if it will take a long time to get from one end of the pipeline to the other). Webcomics are not only a story of their own, but a chronicle of a comic artist’s growth as a creator. And I really hope Roomie gives me the experience to make my future comics and larger projects as good as they can possibly be, even if I leave Roomie behind as a bit of a sloppy mess. Luckily, I designed it to have a soft-reboot at every new part (you may have noticed the Archives page says we’re on Part 1 right now), not to mention an expansive universe that I can keep coming back to to tell new stories with much further into the future.