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BTW, sorry that the plot has seemed so slow up until this point, it seemed faster in my head and in the script. Although I may point out that it’s a bit of an illusion based on the fact that Roomie’s page structure is square and doesn’t allow for as many panels at a time.

But some of it is also because I’m a n00b at pacing. Luckily, Roomie is not my magnum opus and is not supposed to be perfect, so I can just resolve to do more rewrites and make things more interesting in the future (which hopefully will be accomplished in Chapter 3, since I’m writing the script for it right now)

(In fact, I had 5 chapters planned for Part 1, but at this point I might need to combine 3 and 4 since I’m starting to feel like not enough happens in them. Which means Chapter 5, or 4 I guess, will come even sooner, and hoohhh boooyyyy that one is a doozy)