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Whoops forgot to schedule today’s page. Probably because classes don’t start till Wednesday so it feels like a 4-day weekend. And I’m still behind on my buffer. But I swear I’m not just being lazy! I’ve been working on prints that I’ll be selling at upcoming conventions.

Man, I got some great name suggestions from you guys, thanks! Names included Daniel, Robert, Randy, Charlie…

I feel like Robert fits best, so I went with that. But don’t worry, I’ll shelf these names for future I-designed-a-side-character-but-was-too-lazy-to-name-them emergencies (I know I’ll need quite a few in Chapter 3)

Also, the demon was named already, forgot to mention that. But thanks for that too :) Actually, demons have a particular naming scheme. Maybe after we meet a few more of them, you’ll figure it out. Or, you could ask about it in my brand new shiny Patreon Q&A panel. Just saying ;)