The vacation has been going well. Nobody cares, of course, cuz I don’t have much traffic here yet. But maybe way in the future someone will read this.

Highlights of the vacation include:

Spraining my leg and not knowing how I did it.

My girlfriend being really sick and probably has gotten me sick.

Stalking a gay couple through EPCOT from France to England after we spotted them in a perfume shop and they were so adorable I needed them in my comic

Finding two groups of casual cosplayers and likely will find more to come

Me and girlfriend being adopted by the “queer mom” of the employees who stand at the exit of Animal Kingdom and take surveys

Chatting up the assistant manager of the Japan store at EPCOT about the time he was a bus driver and accidentally drove seventy people who were supposed to go to Animal Kingdom Lodge to All Star Resorts by accident.