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Reposting the scavenger hunt in case you missed it on Monday…


Fun fact these assholes are actually one of the… twelve(?) notable characters of the webcomic that’s gonna come after roomie (aka the Reboot reboot). Unless I change my mind. And seeing how I still have 3-5 years of material planned for roomie, I do have time to change my mind…

While on that subject, almost all of these characters will have periodic cameos in roomie (besides the ones who are just O:R rebooted). In fact, a total of FIVE of them have already appeared as single panel cameos in Chapter 3 (crazy right?)

If you feel like digging through the archives and trying to figure that out, here’s some hints.

  • They’re all in Chapter 3 and they only appear in one panel (so far)
  • The first character is the only one of these cameos with a speaking line
  • The next one appears a couple scenes after the first
  • The last three appear together in the same panel a few scenes after that, and are actually from ANOTHER too comic besides future-webcomic (yup they’re in a lot of comics)
  • The first two are listed under “Characters” at the bottom, but the last three aren’t (cuz that cameo was unplanned tbh), and one of them is even on the Cast page

(Well also Lael & Zane are gonna be in future-webcomic too but their roles in roomie are more than just cameos so I’ll just tell you about them now)

If people are actually invested in this Where’s Waldo scavenger hunt, I’ll give you the answers next week~