Chapter 4

216 comics.

409: to the devourer it seems as if the producer was in his chains, but it is not so;

410: he only takes portions of existence and fancies that the whole.

411: But the Prolific would cease to be Prolific unless the Devourer as a sea recieved the excess of his delights.

412: Some will say, Is not God alone the Prolific?

413: I answer, God only Acts & Is, in existing beings or Men.

414: These two classes of men are always upon earth, & they should be enemies;

415: whoever tries to reconcile them seeks to destroy existence.

416: Religion is an endeavour to reconcile the two.

417: Note. Jesus Christ did not wish to unit but to seperate them, as in the Parable of sheep and goats!

418: & he says I came not to send Peace but a Sword.

419: Messiah or Satan or Tempter was formerly thought to be one of the Antediluvians who are our Energies.

420: An Angel came to me and said O pitiable foolish young man!