All Mary wanted was cheap rent and maybe a girlfriend. Then she finds out her roommate is possessed by a demon. Then her cousin, possessed by a demon-hating angel, gets a crush on him. Then the rumors about illegal exorcisms start…

Welcome to The Roommate from Hell, (or “Roomie” for short), a supernatural urban fantasy about a bunch of queers and their metaphorical and literal demons. Bowties are optional but recommended, pamphlets outlining the gay agenda are handed out at the door, and refreshments are in the back. Updates Mondays and Fridays.

Created by Micah Amundsen (they/them/their). You can reach me at micahamundsen[at]gmail[dot]com


Q: Why are the pages square?
A: Makes the pages go by quicker because I have a short attention span. Also makes it easier to compile into a webtoons-format while still able to be printed in a graphic novel.

Q: When is the graphic novel coming?
A: After I make a Kickstart for it… But first I need to bring my TikTok channel back from the dead. Keep an eye on activity there to get an ETA…

Q: How long does it take to draw each page?
A: Anywhere from 2 to 8 hours, but 5 on average.

Q: Why no color?
A: When I started the comic I had very little confidence in my ability to draw comics in color. Color theory still confuses me but these days I have better techniques. It also used to be a decision to save time but nowadays the rendering style takes about the same amount of time lol. Anyway, the style just stuck around. My next webtoon will be full color, rest assured.