Welcome to The Roommate from Hell, (or “Roomie” for short), a slice of life supernatural about gays and their metaphorical and literal demons. Bowties are optional but recommended, pamphlets outlining the gay agenda are handed out at the door, and refreshments are in the back.


Created by Micah Amundsen (they/them/their). You can reach me at micahamundsen[at]gmail[dot]com


Q: What is the point of Roomie to you as a creator?
A: Roomie is NOT:

  • My highest quality, most polished work
  • My main breadwinning comic (well, right now it is, because I haven’t made anything else!)
  • My magnum opus

Roomie IS:

  • A learning experience and a place to experiment
  • A way to advertise myself as a creator and build an audience
  • A barometer of my skills when working completely independently, without a professional editor, and on a constant deadline (i.e. the bare minimum of what I’m willing to put out and still be content with)

Q: Why are the pages square?
A: I thought it would look cool

Q: Why don’t more people leave comments on this comic?
A: I ask myself that question every day…

Q: Why is this in black and white and not in color?
A: It’s an homage to black and white horror movies, and definitely not just because I am lazy and hate color.